DWT 102

• Precise temperature control with PID.

• Wax tank temperature and inject (nozzle) temperature are separately controlled.

• Very easy to set the parameters (press,time,clamp,forward and hold )

• AUTO CLAMP unit is designed for large size rubber mold, With 

maximum mold dimension 100x120x60 mm.

PO-10-DWT 102

Power Source
220V 50Hz + Ground
Wax Capacity
2kg Of Wax
Working Temperature
120°C (Boiler) 85°C (Inject)
Vacuum Pump
42L / Min 220V 1/4HP (Option)
Temperature Accuracy
± 1 °C
Air Pressure
6-8kg / Cm²
Overall Dimention
W610 x D430 x H480mm
Clamp Dimention
W220 x D170 x H375mm
Maximum Mold Dimention
W100 x D120 x H60mm
Clam / Forward Pressure
1-6kg / Cm²
Inject Time
0-30 Sec
Clamp Hold
0-30 Sec
Vacuum Time
0-30 Sec