MTF 100

  The Magnetic Finishing Machine is highly recommended for finishing platinum,yellow gold, white gold, silver and brass jewelry.  

It is specially designed to finish the large amount of  jewelry workpieces in short time.   It is suitable for every style of jewelry, especially for complicated design. 

The media which is the stainless steel pins, will touch the surface of workpieces speedily and gently to make them smooth and shine. No need to use cyanide or any other kinds of acid, just apply water and only few drops of finishing compound, so no weight loss during the process.

PO-10-MTF 100

Power Source
220V 50Hz + Ground
Motor Power Rating
0.75kW (1 HP)
Speed Controller
3000 RPM
Overall Dimention
W400 x D550 x H760mm
Time Controller
Timer 2 Set Total and Rotation Timer
Load Capacity
1kg / 200 Pieces
Finishing Bowl
Ø280 x H240mm