Casting Machine OMC1

• Powerful 10 KW induction with maximum working temperature of  1500º C

• Very simple to operate with automatic control mode, just push  "RUN" button for automated operation.

• Melting process is done under protective inert gas in truly closed  system and oxygen-free to minimize alloy  


• LEAKAGE ALARM SYSTEM  has been designed and developed by OLDMOON to lessen loss and protect the casting 


• Molten alloy can be stirred with an electromagnetic field

• Precise temperature controls with PID.

• With maximum pressure of 4 kg/cm2   low temperature casting is  possible and yield of stone set casting and 

   porosity can be  improved.

• PURE  METAL BEADS SYSTEM  has been designed for working with  metal grain can use very easy and faster than 

   reqular casting.

PO-10-OMC 1

Power Source
380V 3Phase 50Hz + Ground
Power Heating
10kW Induction
Working Temperature
Maximum 1500 °C
Crucible Size
Ø70 X H115mm
Crucible Capacity
1 kg (925 SILVER)
Flask Size
Ø3.5"X8" / Ø4"X8" / Ø4.5"x8"
Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Rotary Vane Pump 60 m³/Hrs 380V 3Phase
Nitrogen Pressure
Warning Indicator
Water / Nitrogen / Vacuum Seal / Induction
Cooling System
Closed-Loop Cooling System With 40 L/min Water Pump 220V
Overall Dimention
W800 X D830 X H1325mm
Touch Screen 7 Inch Wide
Casting Pressure
Maximum  4 kg/cm²
100  Programs

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