UV 1000

               UV 1000 is an oven resin curing, which was designed for full performance of UV light and matching with 

          the range of UV 405 µm. The resin workpiece, after printed from 3D printer machine need to cure with UV 

          to make it strength but  the key success is How?

                 UV 1000, is an oven that coming with the 1000 W UV light power and source of UV light spectrum 

          it is impact directly to the resin which is effect to bounding chemical of resin and also result is resin after cured 

          by UV 1000 more easy to burn and less or not left any dust or un wanted thing inside the flask.



Power Source
220V 50Hz + Ground
Light Source
GA Lodide 1000W 10A 403-417nm
Overall Dimention
W350 x D550 x H550mm
Inside Dimension
W240 x D240 x H155mm